About Us

Shanghai Johnson moving transport limited company Shanghai City, is a formal, strength, credibility, and observe the promise of moving enterprises. Moving with divisions in three towns in Shanghai, the city's traffic, green passes throughout the day across the bridge, is not subject to any time limit. Currently moved has transport vehicles more than 10 vehicles, Shanghai Johnson moved, and Shanghai moved, and Shanghai moved field, and Shanghai Johnson moved field, and Shanghai moved company, and Shanghai moved field company, and Shanghai Johnson moved company, and Shanghai Johnson moved field company, and Johnson moved company, and Johnson moved field company, and Johnson moved, and Johnson moved field employees hundreds of, has perfect of supporting transport equipment and the rigorous of management system, employees all are is after professional training induction. Moving companies based on the relocation of residents, enterprises, and set up local logistics, industrial moving, fast small, large equipment and shift major parts (three Super) hoisting equipment, transport senior city distribution transport system, can meet a variety of customer demands. Moving companies rely on many years of perfect service, excellent and efficient service team, perfect service network and strong partners, has become the industry's very professional moving companies in Shanghai, providing our customers with quality service and won the majority of customers trust and praise.

Shanghai qiangsheng moving haulage Ltd has a variety of box-type moving truck number 50, professional removal services staff hundreds of people, moving our "professional, management, development and efficient" spirit of enterprise, "customer letter, honesty and trustworthiness" principle of service to serve the public. Shanghai Johnson moving transport company sincerely hopes to work closely with you to establish long-term relations of cooperation, work together to create a clean, comfortable and healthy working environment and living environment! Welcome new customers! Shanghai qiangsheng moving transport company for all our staff wish new and old customers to Shun Shun Lely, and safely, good luck!