Person in the field you can also find relocation

Long distance moving is a very common operation, the relocation of companies meet such a situation. A girl at work, a business trip to Shanghai. The original programme a few days back, is not expected to stay for several months. House moving, no one to help him Pack. This time she moved to us company on the phone, we took the move operation.
girls contact us, when can we register for some time, waiting for her back in again. Little to no problem on our side, but this cost estimate does not come back. We give girls two suggestions: one is able to make her partner for safekeeping, anyway, we are going to move. Two, we can help put these clothes litter to logistics companies.
logistics, sale price. If there are no expensive prices above, logistics is a good idea. Girls are considered one day, think logistics is a good idea. So, we sent a van. Help her clean up after packaging, logistics company sent out. Our relocation costs, customers turned Taobao.
in this way, we have no case end and customers face to face.
this case, if we have need of relocation in the field, you can choose this way.