Landlords hire moving companies shipped stolen rental warehouses

Guo in Hebei town, Fangshan district who lives in a village, rent idle first chosen to warehouse for a waterproofing company, then from on-line contact moving company, moving items and fence in an empty warehouse.
Guo Jia had a chosen in May last year, he rented to the warehouse for a waterproofing company. Inadvertently, he found an enormous store of waterproofing materials in the warehouse. On May 19 last year, Guo with Wu, Yang drill window into rental housing, the door open, and Internet contact moving company, stealing stored in the elastomer modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing in the room, a total of 75 volumes, contact your dirty person, Kwak, who led the company to unload vehicles reach your dirty, with 4500 Yuan price of fence.
the day of the incident at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Guo, who command without the knowledge of company vehicles returned to the scene, continued to carry the remaining 76 volumes of waterproofing materials in the warehouse until the waterproof material of the warehouse was completely evacuated. Zhihou, Kwak, who directed the moving company vehicles will be sold waterproof materials Zheng with waterproof business somewhere in the village.
qualified, more than 151 rolled waterproofing materials total value of 41525 Yuan. At present, Guo and Wu, Yang Fangshan district has been people's Procuratorate prosecution on suspicion of theft.