Move to use special boxes

Paper box you can move something, are useful to, and paper boxes is easy and safe. But a lot of people will find some cardboard box was soft not squeeze, and some of the boxes are very hard, very durable. Here, the moving company remind everyone transporting cardboard boxes when you need to choose the best moving special cardboard box. Why is that?
first, moving boxes provided by the company in General, than the General market buy one is not 1:30, when they purchase cardboard boxes will be taken into account in the process of moving the squeeze, bumps. Because these are inevitable during the moving process; if you are out to buy it, don't know what is the purpose of you even know, their cartons cannot be private. Buy is ineffective, the pressure will be bad, it will be very dangerous.
Second, the movers cartons are used in standard cardboard boxes, use uniform size carton is the ability to make the benefits of load space in the vehicle were fully utilized. Instead of using one large and one small carton carton takes up a lot of space of the car, a car can hold, that is, for space reasons, and addition of a car, it also increases the cost.
Finally, using a moving box is also need to see customers moving goods, if the majority of all small items. Using a moving box is the most suitable, so that not only can save space, under the same conditions, without the carton may take two cars to move items. Using a moving box, may be loaded in a single car. It will not only cost savings for the customer, but also improves the efficiency of moving.