Moving using compression bag

Compression bag is relatively easy to use, handy removal tool. Moving company is highly recommended for you here. Moving companies for you to parse the following benefits and uses of compression bag:
1, environmental protection when collectors to collect clothing, no longer need to use mothballs, moisture-proof agents, such items are poisonous substances.
2 3 times, save storage space, home favorite cleaner, clean and tidy.
3, moisture, mold, insect, moth.
4, patented product has a four-layer security structure, more secure airtight.
5, vacuum stored longer.
6, no vacuum cleaners, vacuum is equipped with dual power pump, is so easy to use.
7, humanity is designed to rotate the pump nozzle into the valve on the bag, Manual vacuum more convenient.
8, bag mouth open on the long side, and in Queen size quilt easier. Compression bag material, PET+PE bags, good adhesion, is now more material for bags. But the downside of this vacuum compression bags is more brittle. MOPE commonly found in supermarkets are compression bags, this bag bad adhesion, easy to leak, he is very soft, feels better than other bags.
1 before, incorporating, you will receive full dry, in a bag of wet storage, will have bugs and mildew.
2, bedding, blankets, and, depending on compression bag size folded into.
3, please use a dry cloth and gently wipe the inside of the zipper, to ensure that the sealing effect. Before
4, in the vacuum, use slider zipper end is pulled in from the other side, about 4 cm, hand-squeezed out gas, from one end to the other end, sealing compression bag.
5, with air pump vacuum, open the valve cover, dual-barrel pumps at the nozzle of the vacuum bag, screw the threaded interface, pumping gas.
6, with the double handle and pulling on his hand, the air from the bag after taking, removal of the pump, cover the gas cap is available at Collections. When
7, next time you need to use objects, zipper bag mouth open, restitution.