Share piano moving tips

According to their years of relocation experience and practice summarized many moving tips today to share with you the next move on the proper handling of piano.
first, handling skills the piano moved from weather to start. People are very focused on selected moving date, then select the move date is generally sunny, so have a piano at home, families must choose to move on sunny days so as not to damp the piano, influence the piano life. Piano moving should also pay attention not to long open place in the process.
and piano handling prior to packaging. Buying piano music box, moving first to check whether the case is strong enough, if loose or fall to pieces for immediate reinforcement or replacement items, preventing the piano using by violent vibrations or bumps.
Second, the most important piano handling skills. A normal piano weight 200 kg to 240 kg, heavier horizontal piano, to 290 kilograms to 490 kg. Piano is the complex structure of large furniture, take several people to move, hence the need for experienced movers to deal with Shenyang. During handling do not disassemble parts of the piano before, to take the whole handling policy, be careful when pushing the piano or move the piano, not excessive force causing body tilting, harp rounds of broken or damaged parts.
Finally, handling external environment. Move when the external environment is too dry, place a pan of water in the piano room, increase indoor humidity through evaporation.
moving company based on the residents move, enterprises, establishment of urban logistics distribution, industrial bulk removal, small transport supporting transport system to meet different customer needs. Determine customer is the God of the company, customer satisfaction, and are proud of our service concept.
company to undertake the relocation of residents, enterprises, business buildings. Provide industry moving, logistics, small transport and package finishing, assembling and disassembling furniture, air conditioners, and so on for the customer service.
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