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Moving Ltd uses a different cleaning methods for different kinds of buildings, in line with safety first, quality-oriented, customer on the principle, use of the aerial hanging blue, upper hanger plate in the form of Spider-man, based on your project structure of external wall cleaning upper hanger plate is recommended for cleaning.
, special tools
rope, safety ropes, hanging plates (plate), seat belts, self-locking, u-card, barrels, high pressure water pipes, glass coverall tool, scrub brush, rubber gloves.
1) work rope material for nylon, specifications 18MM (pull for 240000 Newton, collection 2 tons half around), its role: main for hanging plate seat Board Xia hanging, ascended job with, work rope through fell buckle within of active section connection hanging Board formed high hanging Board series, life rope and high personnel body of belt Shang of since lock hook connection, formed ascended personnel of by Qian system.
2) hanger plate, also known as panels, composite material is shrunk into. Strap for textile, and has some strength, and its role: the upper hanger under construction. Air staff sit on the hanger plate sliding up and down operation, skid plate fracture cross section loaded more than 44000 Newton.
3) belts, made of textile, belts made of two integrated shoulder and a belt, and through self locking hook and rope into one.
4) lock material made of stainless steel.
5) u-card 18MM high strength steel is made of u-shaped buckles, pins and bolt connections.
6) glass coverall tool for marble cleaning tools. (Including painting water, glass, stone blade, longer rods, water-absorbing sponge, scrub brush, clean ball. )
7) high pressure hose: transparent hose and high pressure hose.
, special cleaning agent
neutral glass cleaner features: nonpoisonous, harmless, quick-drying, do not leave water marks, it can effectively remove dirt and grease, fingerprints on the glass.
use: clean the glass plate and aluminum alloy doors and Windows curtain
Note: architectural glass is silicon dioxide as the main composition of silicate glass, production of the main raw material for glass, sodium carbonate, quartz sand, calcium carbonate, etc, using a neutral detergent.
of stone cleaning fluids: a variety of stone cleaning, maintenance of Professional cleaners.
main components: Yin ion surfactant, and sustained corrosion agent, and light agent, and softening agent, and water base, PH value: 7, to dirt force strong
Note: marble also called metamorphic or again crystal of limestone, limestone also called calcite, calcium carbonate, and has crystal structure, dolomite mine main components for calcium carbonate and magnesium, so cleaning Shi should note cleaning agent of acid alkaline.
1, cleaning procedures) bring Spider-man to the top, below the known construction of barrier-free and pedestrians.
2) select fixed points work rope tied prison, will rope along floor eaves put to downstairs with pad blanket pad in rope and floor eaves contact points (prevent floor eaves wear rope)
3) Spider-man personnel back good belt, will seat Board through u type card tied to work rope Shang, will tool put to work barrels in the, again will work barrels tied to seat Board Shang, fixed prison.
4) staff overhaul passed, down to sit on the Board.
5) workers adjust the work rope so that it tightens, confirm seat started after cleaning.
should pay attention to rope from head office to prevent wear, power lines and thunderstorms, windy weather not homework.