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Cleaning for outer wall renovation

General cleaning external wall there are two types of methods: physical and chemical means. Is usually a combination of both methods, the effect will be better.
mainly by physical methods force the dirt from the exterior wall of a building, the specific method is to rinse (or spray), making dirt soothing soft, peeling, melting, and then flush with water. The main methods in glazed, Shui Shuanshi, mosaic, outer wall material of ash, dust and sediment, soil residue removal effect, but its water consumption is very large, coupled with the external wall of high pressure injection and easily damaged, and some blood stains on external walls, heavy duty can do, so this method alone is unlikely.
chemical cleaning method is the use of chemical reagents on the dirt for dissolution, separation and degradation reactions, bringing the wall to go to scale, rust, cleaning, degreasing purposes. Outside wall cleaning agent General into is divided into three class, that neutral cleaning agent, and alkaline cleaning agent and acid cleaning agent, but to neutral cleaning agent mainly, neutral cleaning agent of main components has surfactant, and help lotion and additives, actually it is not for absolute of neutral, but are with is micro-alkaline or micro-acid, but General called neutral cleaning agent, it of features has wet, and emulsion, and dispersed and increased dissolved, variety function.