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New pool cleaning

water supply clean, sanitary inspection standards.
pool cleaning and disinfection of the water tank and repair of valves, float valves.

1 underground Cistern cleaning two times a year, for tank cleaning twice, if special needs can increase the frequency of cleaning. After cleaning, epidemic prevention station tests, samples taken by professional cleaning units sent evidence to meet national health standards for drinking water.
cleaning work performed by the obtained certificate of professional cleaning staff to have a health certificate.
cleaning preparations:
1 pool cleaning personnel should prepare the required electrical and mechanical tools, cleaning tools, disinfection and disinfection tools.
2 according to the cleaning schedule, Director approval of suspension. Cleaning shall notify the account suspension notices the week before, so that customers get water ready.
cleaning procedures:
1 close the water inlet valve, close the connecting valve between the tanks, open the drain valve, emptying water tank and the water in the water tank.
2 drain valve is in the open position, sink, water tank with a blower air conditioning for more than 2 hours, so air can flow, excluding toxic gases in the sink, water tank, blowing fresh air.
3 cleaning heads gathered the pool cleaning cleaning and maintenance personnel to explain procedures, security measures, technical requirements, and security considerations.
4 put lighted candles in the bottom, if not extinguished within the pool without oxygen.
5 36V light water tank, the tank installed lighting.
6 cleaning and maintenance personnel to enter the pool.
7 scrub cubes on pool cleaning pool (box) the three horizontal, vertical, and repair pool (box) pipe and the float, the water level controller for maintenance.
8 finished cleaning the rear tank (tank) in the sewage, then to the pool (box) spilled bleach concentrate disinfectant.
9 after half an hour, into the pool again (box) rinse, final disinfection after three rounds, cleared the bottom sludge pump out stagnant water in the pool.
10 cleaning the pool at the same time, sent for repair, cleaning, fastening the valve, clean the filter and check the electric control line.
11 check facilities after normal, water injection into the pool water samples taken to the city's epidemic prevention station tests and evidence collection.
12 cover lock.