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Repair insulation of external wall paint

1, through the crack pattern, depicting cracking the surface location.
2, along the Panel cracks in the outermost and most main longitudinal direction and outward away from the crack the 1 meter construction area, cut a concrete slab surface level. Cut width x
3, along cracks deep 20x30mm grooves, surface cracks using LB-8 quick-setting Grouting cement embedded Tsui, back at the end of the same seam.
4, on crack perfusion of LB-91 liquid Epoxy Grout.
5, such as load-bearing structure exists or continues to crack, paste should be steel or carbon fiber sheets for structure reinforcement.
6, Panel construction base 15~20mm thick 1:2.5 cement mortar screeds.
7, base repair construction waterproof, waterproof layer of waterproofing material should be based on the original surface, and overlapped with the original waterproof layer not less than 100mm, and laying on the surface such as asphalt paper, PVC film, isolation layer.