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Professional aerial

rope, special tools, safety ropes, hanging plates (plate), seat belts, self-locking, u-card, barrels, high pressure water pipes, glass coverall tool, a scrub brush, rubber gloves, chemical sprayer.
1, the work rope: made of nylon, size: 20 mm in diameter, role: mainly used for lifting plate under the seat plate hanging, for aerial work. Active sections inside the rope through the slide buckle to connect hanging panels form the upper hanger plate series. Life line and the officers of the lock on the belt hook, ascended the safety system is formed.
2, safety rope: made of high-strength wire specifications: diameter: 18mm-20mm, role: mainly for use with rope. High altitude personnel through the seat plate hanging on the ropes, self-locking device for lock harness connected to a safety rope, to ensure greater safety.
3, hanging panels: also known as the base plate, material for the shrinkage of wood combinations, Sling fabric, has a certain tensile strength. Role: upper crane under construction, high officers sat down at the hanger plate sliding action. Skid plate breaking load more than 4400 n.
4, belt: made of textile. Seat belt consists of two integrated shoulder and a belt, and through self locking hook and rope together.
5, a self-locking device: made of stainless steel. Role: connection seat belts and safety on the line, when construction workers by rope fracture when you fall from a height, self locking hook self-locking device body weight pull and lock down of people stopped by a life line.
6, u-cards: 16mm high strength steel is made of u-shaped buckles, pins and bolt connections.
7, a glass coverall tool: include: water paint, glass, marble blade, longer rods, water-absorbing sponge, rubber Strip. Role: for a variety of specular surfaces.
8, high pressure hose: transparent plastic hoses, high pressure hoses.