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Piano transportation

After carefully selected, finally buy has a frame Roses of piano, but how put piano handling home is not pieces easy of thing, in here I recommends best is please piano line has experience of Porter handling piano, if special situation, need himself handling, in no handling experience of situation Xia, please note following several:
1, and usually vertical piano are in 250 kg around, in moved piano Shi, don't think piano has wheels, on in ground push. Because the piano is a delicate instrument, when it encounters a strong vibrations, internal parts easy to damage, and intonation are also affected, so it's best to carry a little push.
2, and in with car as transport tool Shi, at least to four or five a people to completed, due to vertical piano of gravity near back, piano back of number to than piano Qian of people more, to car Shang lift Shi, front three a people, behind two a people, behind of people lift up resisted, front of people lift piano of bottom, lift up put to car Shang, then up a a people to car box Shang pulled, behind of people to car box within push, such on can put piano moved car has.
3, piano back onto the car, Qin Yu the best in front of the car, including cotton pads on the mat to prevent Chin back and trunk friction. Long-distance transport both piano best under the floor mat, feet dangling. Outside of the body must be well wrapped in quilts and then rope securely strapped in car music, piano paint in order to prevent a rope wound, where ropes and piano touch. Especially at the corner, rope, mat below stuff. In addition, the note is piano can't sit in the car or put a piano in the middle of car, in case the piano after drive around shaking damage internal parts. If the weather is bad, be sure to take the rain-proof measures, piano transport cars should go slow, not halt.

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